The bear


What is a joke?

Two men are out hiking. All of a sudden, a bear starts chasing them. They climb a tree, but the bear starts climbing up the tree after them. The first man gets his trainers out of his knapsack and starts putting them on. The second man says, "What are you doing?" The first man says, "I reckon when the bear gets close to us, we'll jump down and make a run for it." The second man says, "Are you crazy? You can't outrun a bear." The first man says, "I don't have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you!"


Hiking is a hobby that involves walking in the countryside

All of a sudden means suddenly

Trainers are sports shoes

A knapsack is the bag you carry on your back

If you reckon something, it means that is your opinion

To make a run for it, means to try and escape

To outrun means to run faster than something or someone else

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