The magic bottles


What is a joke?

There were 3 friends stranded in an island. Exploring the island, the 3 men found a bottle so they opened it. A genie came out, and she said that she would grant them 3 wishes. The first man said, "I wish I was with my family." Suddenly, poof, he was with his family. The second guy said, "I wish I was in a bar with my friends." Suddenly, poof, he was gone. The third guy was feeling bad and the genie asked, "What's wrong?" The man said, "I'm lonely. I wish my friends were here." Poof, his two friends were back in the island.


If you are stranded somewhere there is no way you can escape from the place.

A genie is a kind of magic spirit that lives in magic jars and always gives you wishes in return for allowing it to leave the jar.

Poof is a sound accompanied by smoke that signifies something magic has happened.

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