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SELECT *, (select MAX(tipid) from tips) as maxid, (select tipid from tips where tipid > 0 limit 1) as minid, (select tipid from tips where tipid > '16' order by tipid asc limit 1) as nextid, (select tipid from tips where (tipid < '16') and (tipid >0) order by tipid desc limit 1) as previd, (select descr from lookups where (lookups.code = tips.categoryid) and (lookups.Area = 3) and (lookups.Lang = 0)) as category, (select CONCAT(firstname," ",surname) from tblauthor where (tblauthor.author_id = tips.author_id)) as author, strip_tags(tip) as striptip FROM tips WHERE (tipid=16) ORDER BY tipid desc LIMIT 1