The suicide-proof building


What is a joke?

There are two men in a bar. After drinking about 10 pints of beer each, they are both very, very drunk. The first man says to the other drunk man, "Hey mate! Did you know that this building is suicide proof?"
The second man responds, "I don't believe you. Prove it. Jump off the roof." The two men walk up to the top of the 90 storey building. At the top, the first gets ready to jump. He leaps off the top of the building -- 50 feet...40 feet...30 feet...20 feet...10 feet...suddenly the man is lifted back to the top of the building unharmed.
"Wow!" exclaims the second man, "Let me try that!" Pushing the first man out of the way, he leaps off the building and plummets toward the ground -- 20 feet...10 feet...splat! The second man hits the ground at 90 miles an hour, killing the surrounding 20 people while leaving himself a stain on the pavement.
The first man goes back down to the bar, chuckling to himself. The barman looks at him and says, "Superman, you're really stupid when your drunk."


To commit suicide means to kill yourself.

If something is suicide proof, it means you can't commit suicide from it. If something is waterproof, it won't let water in.

To leap means to jump

To exclaim, means to say something in a very surprised or loud voice

To plummet means to fall very quickly

Splat is the sound of something soft hitting the ground

A stain on your shirt may happen when you spill red wine on it. A stain on the pavement is when a person falls from 90 storeys and hits it!

To chuckle means to laugh quietly.

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