A nervous flyer


What is a joke?

A man is sitting in the economy section of a flight from New York to London biting his fingernails and sweating profusely. Noticing his disturbed expression, a flight attendant walks over and says, "Sir, can I get you something from the bar to calm you down?"
The man gives a nod of approval while shaking terribly. Seconds later she comes back with a drink. He drinks it quickly and stops shaking. Ten minutes later, the flight attendant sees the same man shaking and biting his nails. She brings him another drink, which he swallows immediately. A half hour later she returns to see that the man is shaking uncontrollably, and apparently crying. "My goodness," the flight attendant says, "I've never seen someone so afraid to fly."

"I'm not afraid of flying," says the man.
"Then what's the matter? Sobbing loudly he says, "I'm trying to give up drinking."


We always use the verb bite with fingernails, never eat.

If you sweat profusely, you sweat a lot.

To nod means to move your head up and down to mean yes.

To sob means to speak and cry at the same time.

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