Practising sentence stress and intonation

Write the following sentences on the board :

1. I think Oxford is so boring!

2. I don't believe it!

3. I'm feeling a bit depressed today.

4. My father doesn't like my new boyfriend.

5. I think you're lying.

Now what you do is hum one of the sentences. Students must identify the sentence that you are humming by listening to the sentence stress and the intonation and matching it to one of the sentences above. You try it. You'll find that you actually say the words in your head, trying to match the intonation. When you get the right one, you know it instantly. This makes students more aware iof the importance of sentence stress and intonation in spoken English. It can be made more difficult by making the sentences oif a similar length, for example:

1. My father, who died last week, left me $1 million!

2. My brother went down the pub; he was very depressed

3. The farmer who lost all his sheep has sold his business.

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Angus Savory 18-08-2011

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