Text re-ordering

With reading passages, there are alternatives to giving students the entire reading passage to read. One of these is text re-ordering. Text re-ordering can either be done on a macro or micro scale. On a macro scale, you chop up the paragraphs that make up the story and jumble them up an a page. Students then have to put the passage in the correct order. As well as making the reading passage more manageable by making the sections to read smaller, they get valuable practice in recognising text and context markers, conjunctions and writing styles.

On the micro-level, each line of one paragraph can be cut up and re-ordered, the skills needed for this being somewhat different, centred very much more on understanding and syntax.

Either way it is done, this utilisation of a reading passage for more than just practising reading can be argued to be more valuable for students.

Category Reading

Angus Savory 18-08-2011

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